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Main Application of OM Disc Filter is Fine filtration of irrigation water in Micro-irrigation systems (130 microns) for agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, vegetables, sugar cane etx. ad well ad for genetal industrial and domestic applications.

Advantages of Disc Filters

  • Stacked disc structure provides three dimensional filtration.
  • Ensures high partucle retention and alloew longer interval between cleaning
  • Coarse particles retained on element surface and fine particles retained in grooves.
  • Installation is possible in any position, both vertical and horizontal, inlet-outlet connections possible in both inline and angular orientation.
  • Impurities retained on element surface can be flushed out with drain valve.
  • Corrosion-proof and durable polypropylene body construction.
  • All plastic and metal parts are resistant to common agricultural chemicala fertilizers and flushing agents used with the system.

OM Irritech Disc Filters DFQ-325/330, DFQ-530/540, DFQ-940 S/950

Technical Data

Parameters Sizes
Nomina Size (Inler/Outlet Connection) (mm) Ø 2" (50mm) Ø 2.5" (65mm) Ø 3" (80mm)
Recimmended Flow Rate (m3/hr) 25/30 30/40 40 50**
Length of element (mm) 315 315 315 500
Filtration Area (cm2) 1060 1060 1060 1720
Dimensions if filter assembly (mm)
Height 515 545 550 730
Width 292 332 332 332
Breadth 340 330 3330 330
Size of apertures 0.13mm (130 Microns/120 Mesh)
Nominal Operating Temp. & Pressure 4kg/cm2 Max. at 30° C
Nominal Opetation Pressure(kg/cm2) 1 to 4kg/cm2
* NPT (MPT) Threading or Victaulic coupling on special request
** use battery of filters (filter bank) to achieve higher flow rates.