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It has been observed that the majority of the people is suffering from heart disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc. That is due to current bad life style and bad habits of food. In the current life style people are living with high stress on them and can not afford time behind exercise as they are continuously run for achieving their aim. Some of people aware about their health but can not spend time behind exercise due to lack of time and also feel boring to do exercise those people are trying to control their health by planning the food style. Those people are also lack of true and scientific information and other details of the foods. For example some companies are make advertise that their oil is cholesterol free but true fact is that each and every oil contain zero percent cholesterol. Human body develop cholesterol from the oil within the body. Here we have tried to provide some scientific information as below regarding edible oil.
  Sr.No. Oil Type Contents  
  Saturated fati acid Mono un saturated fat Poly unsaturated fats  
  Linolic Acid Linolenic Acid  
  % % % %  
  1 Mustard Oil 9.7 55.5 18.1 14.5  
  2 Sun Flower Oil 10.4 25.1 66.2 0  
  3 Saff flower Oil 10.7 17.7 78.5 0.5  
  4 Soyabean Oil 13.1 28.9 50.7 6.5  
  5 Sesamum Oil 13.4 41.2 44.5 0.4  
  6 Olive Oil 14.2 71.5 8.2 0  
  7 Maize Oil 12.7 24.6 57.4 2.3  
  8 Rice Oil 19.5 39.2 33.3 1.6  
  9 Ground nut Oil 20.9 49.3 29.9 0.3  
  10 Cotton seed Oil 25.9 22.9 47.8 0.5  
  11 Palm Oil 47.9 37.9 0.9 0  
  12 Palmolive 47.7 41 10.3 0.3  
  13 Coconut Oil 87.9 7.8 0.8 0  
  14 Butter 49.8 20.1 1.8 1.2  
  15 Ghee 60 29 2 1.5  
  16 Vegetable Ghee 24 19 3 0  
   ... Indicate Best          
   ... Indicate Moderate          
   ... Indicate Worst          
  Notes: Law content of Saturated Fatiacid is good. As the content is high body can make more colesterole from it.  
  High content of Lenolenic Fatiacid is good. Body convert Linolenic acid to Omega -3 Fati acid (Ecasopentanoic acid and Docosahexanoic acid) which reduces the chances of Heart Attack, Blood Pressure, Sandhiva and reduces the frozzening of Blood.  
  Law content of Linolic acid is good. Body can develop Thromboxin A-2 from it which result in speedy frozzening of blood and responsible for shrinkage of blood vain which result in heart attack. It also reduce the procedure of converting omega-3 fatiacid from Linolenic acid  
  High content of Mono unsaturated fat is good. It is best for health.  
  Overall conclusion is that among Mustard oil and sun flower oil is best for human health among all edible oil.  

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