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Now-a-days by using drip irrigation system, farmers ate producing variery of crops not only of grapes, banana, sugarcane, pomegranate but also of flowers, For this, traditional fertilizer methods are used. In same Places Fertilizer soluble in water are used. For this purpose they use fertilizers tanks or H.T.P. Pumps. Elsewhere fertilizers are supplied by foot pumps also or pumps of 0.5 HP are used

The base for water soluble fertilizers is acid. Hence, all the above equipments become useless by corrossion. For this purpose, a new production called OM Fertilizer Injector has been introduced. Using this injector, we can supply uniform quantity of fertilizers in the entire field. Hence, it is very essential to install OM Fertilizer Injector

The best quality of OM Fertilizer Injector is that it doesnot require any external power. it works in an existing pressure of pumps.

It is also available in number of kinds suitable to you.

Advantages of OM Venturi (Merits)

Safety from sunlight or heat : An OM Fertilizer Injector has been manufactured by using high quality raw materials and also by using high stndard ultra-voiles materials, it is safe from sun heat. It also helps to increase its life.

Rust proof : It is safe to use OM Fertilizer Injector Because water and chemicals donot affect it. Ad it is rustproof, it doesnot get correded. Therefore we need not replace it every now and then.

Chemical Resistance :Chemicals like acids and bases donot make any adverse effect on it. So it lasts for years together. The cost of maintainance and repairs is very low. It is also more durable and strong hence no necessity of replacing it or repairing it and no maintenance is required.

Working Method

OM Fertilizers Injector works on pressure loss opetation system. Hence it cannot work unless 0.5 kg pressure is reduced for 2"OM Fertilizer and 0.3 kg loss for the 1.5" OM Fertilizer Injector.

10000 lit. water is flown per hour with 2" injector. Hance it should be used where water available more than 10000 lit. per hour.

Before using OM Fertilizer Injector cleanliness of Sand filter and screen filter is necessary. OM Fertilizer Injector cannot work if is choked up.

For installing OM Fertilizer Injector the area of field should be even. If the field area is very high, then filter and injector can not be installed in lower area. In such a case OM Fertilizer Injector should be installed or irrigation point.

Which installing OM Fertilizer Injector the arrow (→) should be adjested in the direction of the flow of water.

We can install OM Fertilizer Injector on pipe lines of 4", 3", 2.5" or 1.2" measures.
(See the Picture) Use a reduction 'T' in which there is a ball valve of that capacity in the middle.

After installing OM Fertilizer Injector start the drip irrigation for 15 to 20 minutes. After exhaustion of air pressure in water, OM Fertilizer Injector should be started.

Ensure that succession pipe is tightly fitted on hose nipple, otherwise liquid fertilizer cannot be succeed.

We can install OM Fertilizer Injector in any position viz. Vertical( | ), Horezontal( — ), inclined( ⁄ ) etc.

¾" Venturi Injector 2" Venturi Injector
Inlet Pressure Kg/cm2 Outlet Pressure Kg/cm2 Q Inj Motive Flow L/H Q asp Water Suction L/H Inlet Pressure Kg/cm2 Outlet Pressure Kg/cm2 Q Inj Motive Flow L/H Q asp Water Suction L/H
0.5 0.0 576 150 1.0 0.5 5820 910
1.0 0.5 828 78 1.5 1.0 6750 660
1.5 1.0 1056 42 2.0 1.5 7540 400
2.0 1.5 1212 24 2.5 2.0 8280 200