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“OM” brand Screen filter is mainly produced from the non-toxic materials and is resistant to or protected against degradation caused by existing working conditions and type of water used in agricultural irrigation.

“OM” Screen Filter is mainly divided in two parts:

  • 1) Strainer Housing
  • 2) Filter element

1) Strainer Housing:

The construction of the strainer housing is made in such a way to facilities its proper installation in its intended location and position. The strainer is


designed in such a way that after assembly of the filter element in the strainer housing, all the water flowing through the strainer flows through the filter element.

The Strainer is designed in such a way that, contaminants accumulated on the filter element or in the strainer housing do not enter the supply line while cleaning or replacing the filter element.

2) Filter element:

“OM” brand filter element is made up from stainless steel mesh having a capacity of 150 mesh sieve mounted on perforated pvc pipe. While producing the “OM” filter element care is taken that, sealing does not increase or decrease the resistant of the filter element to fearing.

Specification of “OM” screen filters

Size Screen Mesh Capasity
2 " 150 mesh 20 m3/hrs.
2.1/2" 150 mesh 25 m3/hrs.
3 " 150 mesh 28 m3/hrs.
4 " 150 mesh 42 m3/hrs.


  • “OM” screen filter are multipurpose, highly engineered M.S. constrict having a wide range of application with all techno-commercial aspects.
  • “OM” screen filter have a versatile design and are scientifically engineered to deliver pure non potable water.
  • “OM” screen filter have a unique manual flashing system making it easy to clean.
  • “OM” screen filter have a wide range of sizes and are thus ideal for any kind of small and large installations.
  • “OM” screen filter have a engineered plastics having 150 mesh screen.
  • “OM” screen filter mainly removes the physical impuritied like sand, microstone elgee and other insoluble impurities.